Jens Boos: Asymptotic safety and gauged baryon number

We consider a model with gauged baryon number that may be rendered asymptotically safe when gravitational effects above the Planck scale are taken into account. We study the ultraviolet fixed points in this theory and determine the restrictions on the parameter space of the model at the TeV scale following from the requirement that the asymptotic fixed points are reached. Assuming that the new gauge symmetry is broken at the TeV scale, we comment on the phenomenological implications of these restrictions. If time permits, we briefly comment on the viability of fermionic TeV-scale dark matter in this asymptotically safe setting.

Based on 2206.02686 [hep-ph] and 2209.14268 [hep-ph], in collaboration with Chris Carone, Noah Donald, and Mikkie Musser.


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