The international seminar on asymptotic safety was founded in spring 2011, with the intention of bringing the asymptotic-safety community together, and providing a platform for talks on asymptotic safety in and beyond quantum gravity, as well as related topics in quantum gravity and quantum field theory.

Upcoming seminars

Ivano Basile: String Tension between de Sitter vacua and Curvature Corrections

Seminar Date:

Preliminary abstract: Higher-derivative corrections to cosmological effective actions in string theory are largely constrained by T-duality, but have been computed hitherto only to the first few orders in the string scale α′. The functional renormalization group, in conjunction with the strong constraints imposed by...

Tobias Denz: Reconstructing the graviton

Seminar Date:

Preliminary abstract: We reconstruct the Lorentzian graviton propagator in asymptotically safe quantum gravity from Euclidean data. The reconstruction is applied to both the dynamical fluctuation graviton and the background graviton propagator. We prove that the spectral function of the latter necessarily has negati...

The organizers

If you are interested in attending the seminars and joining the community, please contact Aaron Held or Marc Schiffer to join the corresponding mailing list.

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Astrid Eichhorn

Astrid is an Associate Professor at CP3-Origins, University of Southern Denmark, Villum Young Investigator and Perimeter Institute Visiting Fellow. She works on building connections in quantum gravity: connections between quantum-gravity approaches, connections between fundamental theory and phenomenology, and connections between neighboring research communities. more

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Aaron Held

Aaron works on phenomenological constraints in quantum and classical effective field theories of gravity. Currently, Royal Society Newton International Fellow at Imperial College London.

Marc Schiffer

Marc works on asymptotically safe gravity-matter systems using functional and lattice methods. Currently PhD student at Heidelberg University.