Quantum Gravity and the Renormalization Group workshops

This workshop series, organized roughly every two years by a varying set of organisers brings together several distinct approaches to quantum gravity under the common theme of Renormalization Group concepts and tools. The Renormalization Group may provide a common vantage point from which the landscape of distinct approaches can be surveyed and the relation of various approaches to each other understood. Such a vantage point could become a catalyst for breakthroughs: While each individual approach to quantum gravity faces open questions and challenges, many insights obtained in distinct approaches are in fact complementary. Thus the development of a common language like the Renormalization Group and the associated unified conceptual framework holds the promise that insights could be translated between approaches.

In addition, the connection between microphysics and macrophysics that is inherent to the Renormalization Group could be key to connect the microphysics of quantum gravity to phenomenological consequences and ultimately even observational data at larger scales.

This workshop series therefore has two main goals: Firstly, it provides a platform for Renormalization Group tools and techniques in quantum gravity, with the clear goal to establish a constructive dialogue between different approaches. Secondly, it focuses on the connection of quantum gravity approaches to their phenomenological imprints that can be achieved through Renormalization Group techniques.