Yu Hamada: Scalegenesis and fermionic dark matters in the flatland scenario

Recent studies in the context of asymptotically safe quantum gravity imply that scalar quartic couplings and scalar masses vanish above the Planck scale due to the graviton fluctuations. This motivates a scenario called as the flatland scenario, in which scalar potentials are flat at the Planck scale and the electroweak vacuum and the Higgs mass are produced by radiative corrections. In this talk, we propose an extension of the standard model based on the scenario, which includes Majorana-type fermionic dark matters. We show that the model has a parameter space that is consistent with the observed values such as the Higgs mass, the electroweak VEV and the relic abundance of dark matter. The model has a strong predictability, so that all parameters will be determined if the Majorana fermions are detected by dark matter direct detection experiments such as XENON, LUX and PandaX-II.

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