Enrico Sessolo: Flavor anomalies from asymptotically safe gravity

I will describe how the framework of asymptotically safe quantum gravity can be employed to derive novel predictions for some well-known new physics solutions to the LHCb flavor anomalies. After a brief review of the experimental evidence for new physics signatures in flavor processes, I will single out scalar leptoquarks as a very simple explanation and show that their gauge and Yukawa couplings may feature an interactive UV fixed point. Following RGE evolution one can thus predict the low-energy values of the leptoquark Yukawa matrix elements and significantly narrow down the allowed leptoquark mass range. To be in agreement with the b –> s anomalies, the leptoquark mass should lie between 4 and 10 TeV, which puts it entirely in reach of a hadron-hadron collider with 100 TeV c.o.m. energy. I will finally touch on gravity-driven solutions to the b –> c anomalies and highlight the caveats and limitations that apply to this procedure for deriving predictions.

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