Focus Seminar: The graviton propagator in Asymptotic Safety (Benjamin Knorr, Alessia Platania, and Manuel Reichert)

The propagator stores important information about the causality and unitarity of a theory, and is related to the spectral function, if it exists. Studying the propagator could provide crucial steps towards answering whether asymptotically safe quantum gravity can provide a unitary theory of quantum gravity.

This focus seminar presents some of the key open questions, highlights recent developments, and invites you to discuss prospects in investigating the graviton propagator in asymptotic safety.

In this focus seminar on “The graviton propagator in Asymptotic Safety”, we will hear three 20-min talks from

Benjamin Knorr: Non-Perturbative Propagators in Quantum Gravity

Alessia Platania: Non-perturbative unitarity and fictitious ghosts in quantum gravity


Manuel Reichert: Reconstructing the graviton

followed by a joint discussion.

If you are interested, please make sure to free up 90 min of your schedule.

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