Álvaro Pastor Gutiérrez: UV completion of extradimensional Yang-Mills theory for Gauge-Higgs unification

The SU(N) Yang-Mills theory in ℝ4×S1 spacetime is studied as a simple toy model of Gauge-Higgs unification. The theory is perturbatively nonrenormalizable but could be formulated as an asymptotically safe theory, namely a nonperturbatively renormalizable theory. We study the fixed point structure of the Yang-Mills theory in ℝ4×S1 by using the functional renormalization group in the background field approximation. We derive the functional flow equations for the gauge coupling and the background gauge-field potential. There exists a nontrivial fixed point for both couplings at finite compactification radii. At the fixed point, gauge coupling and vacuum energy are both relevant. The renormalization group flow of the gauge coupling describes the smooth transition between the ultraviolet asymptotically safe regime and the strong interacting infrared limit.

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