Edoardo D’Angelo: Asymptotic Safety in Lorentzian quantum gravity

Recently, together with Drago, Pinamonti, and Rejzner, I introduced a functional Renormalization Group (RG) equation to explore non-perturbative and covariant RG flows in Lorentzian spacetimes. The two key ingredients are the use of a local regulator, and a Hadamard-type point-splitting procedure, to regularise UV divergences in the flow. In this talk, I present its first application to investigate the ultraviolet limit of quantum gravity. While the RG flow is state-dependent, it is possible to evaluate state and background independent contributions to the flow. Taking into account only these universal terms, the RG flow exhibits a non-trivial fixed point in the Einstein-Hilbert truncation, providing a mechanism for Asymptotic Safety in Lorentzian quantum gravity.

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