Shouryya Ray: Towards a Higgs Mass Determination in Asymptotically Safe Gravity with a Dark Portal

There are reasons to believe that extensions to the Standard Model that tend to lower the Higgs mass are phenomenologically attractive. (For one thing, it would allow to accommodate a more stable electroweak vacuum.) Such extensions, however, usually come with a significantly enlarged number of free parameters, and a concomitant reduction of predictivity. In this talk, I shall present our efforts to leverage the enhanced predictive power of asymptotic safety to constrain the Higgs mass in a toy Standard Model (more precisely, a Yukawa system representing the top quark and the radial mode of the Higgs) coupled to dark matter (itself represented by another Yukawa system) via a portal. Time permitting, I shall also speculate on how asymptotically safe Yukawa systems might emerge at terrestrial scales, in systems more immediately accessible to experiment.

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