Focus Seminar: Black Holes in Asymptotic Safety (Frank Saueressig & Aaron Held)

Black holes are vital for a consistent description of gravitational wave events as well as the recent image of the Event Horizon Telescope. However, black holes also harbor a singularity and are thus theoretically incomplete. Presented with this exciting dichotomy, asymptotically safe quantum gravity may offer a theoretical mechanism for singularity resolution and could eventually provide a more complete understanding. With this goal in mind, several key open questions remain.

We introduce a new format of focus seminars to present some of these key open questions, highlight recent developments, and invite you to discuss the future of black holes in asymptotic safety.

In this focus seminar on “black holes in asymptotic safety”, we will hear two 30-min talks from

Frank Saueressig: Regular black holes with stable cores and

Aaron Held: Invariant Renormalization-Group improvement

followed by a joint discussion.

If you are interested, please make sure to free up 90 min of your schedule

Seminar Date: